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Arsenio has had his share of hip-hop personnel grace the stage and couch of his relatively new late-night post, from Kendrick Lamar to Big Sean, and last night Puff Daddy himself sat down with the seasoned vet and talked about everything from Ciroc to his childhood. Despite not putting out a solo album since 2006′s successful

Diddy Opens Up About His Father To Arsenio Hall


During the interview, Diddy gave a heartfelt reflection on the death of his father, Melvin Combs who was a colleague of the infamous Frank Lucas. Combs revealed that though his father was slain when he was only three years old, he only broke down  over the loss of his father five years ago. He explained the pain of growing up without a father saying, “Sometimes you feel like you can’t miss what wasn’t there, but when I needed to talk to an older man for some wisdom and guidance, it just broke me down, then I felt the loss.”

Diddy went on to talk about raising his own six children.

Check out the interview below.

Diddy And Cassie Take A Cute Nap Together

HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 16: Sean Combs watches the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest part of 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend at the Toyota Center on February 16, 2013 in Houston, Texas. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

ScHoolboy Q Details Bond With Diddy | Get The Latest Hip Hop News, Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales | HipHop DX

Vlad TV. "I don't know his last artist that went platinum. He's still out here, making moves. He still look young. He don't give a fuck. He's doing what he's doing. I fuck with Diddy."

The TDE artist revealed that Diddy reached out to him. "He... called my phone out of nowhere, told me to come to his house," said Q. "For him to trust me... no bodyguard there or nothing. For him to trust me, this nigga, ghetto ass nigga from L.A. to come to his crib... I fuck with him for that. That's a top dude when it comes to money."

ScHoolboy Q spoke about the conversation with Diddy. "Just chillin', man. He just kept calling me Puffy 'cause I go by Puffy and shit. So he just kept calling me Puffy and shit. That was cool, hearing him say that."

Q added, "I just turn around now when people say 'Puffy,'" he said, laughing. "It's me."

Watch the interview below:

Gushing About: Diddy Kong Racing

     This game took the simple kart racing concept further by introducing multiple vehicle types that could race one another. Planes could race alongside hovercrafts and cars in most courses. There were also preset items that changed the outcome of a race. Unlike Mario Kart these items were constant, visible, color coded, and stacked over each other to increase effectiveness. It didn't matter if you were in last place or first, everyone had access to the same items and if you strategized well, you could use them to boost ahead or cripple opponents.

     I think the thing this game did best was give a reason for the racing. Not just a story, but a strong sense of progression. You play adventure mode and you unlock contents. You earn new levels. You're rewarded with new mini-games and race challenges. You collect balloons and open literal doors to new levels to play outside of Adventure. If you go off the beaten path and explore new territory you find hidden levels with unique themes (which tend to be the coolest, i.e. Space and a Dragon's Village).

     I liked that so much because the more I played this game I loved, the more reasons I had to love it. The package I would have been happy with came with extra after extra, making it feel like an infinite source of entertainment. Even when save files were deleted multiple times it was never frustrating getting back to where I was. I felt like an expert on my second and third times through the game's main quest.

     After you beat the game once you get to do it again with more insane challenges and mirrored courses. And when I say the challenges are insane, I mean oatmeal crazy. They took countless tries, screams of frustration, and controller passing to conquer one-by-one. This game was merciless to children. Unless you raced perfectly, those coveted unlocks would never be yours. Only the select elite were allowed to play as T.T. after all.

Just look at that's clock's face. You can practically hear him whispering "You wanna play as m don't ya? Well that's too bad. I don't do noob tier. Get on my level fool 'cuz I don't play with no chumps. Get some keys and race me 100 times. Then we'll talk." What a jerk... I need him.

Another thing I liked was the variety. If you got tired of one thing you could switch to another. Race some dudes, race a ghost, race a boss, steal dinosaur eggs, drive around squashing frogs, race a genie, collect coins, do whatever. And all races can be done it land, sea, and air tripling the possibilities.

When playing this game there were goals to accomplish. You collected balloons to unlock worlds, tracks, and bosses. You collect keys to open challenges and mini-games. You collect silver coins to unlock super-bosses. You collect pig faces to make a mountainside open it's mouth. You collect bananas because... Monkeys or something. It's just a constant stream of motivators for you to play. You're always after something in a race besides coming in first place. There are just not enough games that do that.

This game was wide open if you played long enough. In fact, having everything unlocked from the start would just be overwhelming and take attention away from the product overall. It takes a few bites to get to the center of a sandwich.

Each world felt gigantic. Each track felt like part of a larger world. A world I'd be exploring if I weren't so caught up with racing. The first time I felt this in a racing game was in Mario Kart 64 where you could drive up to Peach's castle.

Diddy Opens Up About Father's Drug Dealer Past

The entrepreneur was honest about his father's career. He credits those experiences as motivation for him to do something positive with his own life.

"I have his hustler's mentality, his hustler's spirit, his drive, his determination, his swag."

That determination clearly paid off for the Bad Boy Records CEO.

"My father was a hustler. He was a drug dealer and he was a hustler, so I learned early in life that there's only two ways out of that dead-end jail. It made me work even harder ... Sometimes you can't just answer why things happen, but I definitely think the route that I went on -- staying out of the streets and hitting my books and trying to be somebody - I think he played a role in that."

Diddy Details Mourning His Father's Death | Get The Latest Hip Hop News, Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales | HipHop DX

Diddy says he didn't mourn his father's death until five years ago when he was in need of "wisdom and guidance."

It’s been close to a month and a half since the Diddy-backed Revolt debuted on Time-Warner Cable and Comcast in late October. Diddy, who owns the television channel, recently offered some insight on the newly-launched Revolt during a recent appearance on “Arsenio.”

While speaking on Revolt, the Hip Hop entrepreneur compared the television channel to a music-heavy version of ESPN. Diddy also informed viewers that Revolt is ultimately a place for fans to be introduced to new music and for up and coming artists to have a platform to share their music.

“I think that’s what Revolt is about. Revolt is my new network,” said Diddy. “It’s on Time-Warner Cable and Comcast. And it’s about giving a platform for artists and a platform for fans. It’s like the ESPN of music. So, people that really, really love music they tune in. But most importantly we was hurt when your show went off cause we didn’t have that outlet to break acts. And so I wanted to have a network that would break new, future talent. These kids are out here and they controlling their own destiny. They independent and they need support…Music is that universal language that brings us all together. And to not have a destination that you could go to that’s trusted. That can curate things for you that’s trusted. That can curate things for you, put you on to new stuff, open up your mind, and also support the artists and the fans.”

During his interview with Arsenio, Diddy also reminisced on the loss of his father who passed away when he was only three-years-old. He said he finally broke down about his father’s death five years ago when in need of an older man’s advice.

“I remember I broke down like five years ago for the first time about my father,” he said. “And sometimes you feel like you can’t miss what wasn’t there. And you couldn’t really understand it, but when I had needed to talk to another man, an older man for some wisdom and guidance it just broke me down. I was just like—then I felt the loss.”

Lastly, Diddy spoke briefly on the Diageo-owned Ciroc, which he’s heavily involved with. Both Ciroc and Diageo made headlines recently when the London-based beverage company announced a

Green Bay auto resource weighs differences between buying, leasing cars in Wisconsin: PR Newswire Business News


Before making a decision on whether buying or leasing is the best option, GOAutoPlus.com recommends drivers assess all of the things they need in a new car. Whether drivers travel often by car, prefer the newest technology or want the freedom to customize their ride, they should establish those needs first. They should also consider their financial needs. Is it more advantageous to pay more upfront or to make monthly payments? 

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TCH Leasing, one of the UK’s top 30 contract hire and fleet management companies, is to use Auto Windscreens as its preferred glass supplier.

(PRWEB UK) 2 December 2013

TCH Leasing, one of the UK’s top 30 contract hire and fleet management companies, is to use Auto Windscreens as its preferred glass supplier.

Through a new partnership agreement signed in August, Auto Windscreens – which boasts industry leading key performance indicators – will handle hundreds of automotive glazing repairs and replacements for TCH Leasing.

TCH Leasing will benefit from the glass firm’s highly-trained nationwide mobile repair technician workforce and its award-winning contact centre, where 92% of calls are answered in 15 seconds. Expert advisers will receive calls for the fleet company through a unique phone line setup and will organise repair work for customers via just one call.

Mark Hammond, Managing Director of TCH Leasing, said: “Auto Windscreens’ team has an admirable determination and desire to succeed. The sales people believe in what they are offering and it is a reason why we have remained loyal to the company. We always receive a good service and feel they share the same core principles as our business.”

This is the second large-scale fleet contract secured by Auto Windscreens in recent weeks, with Ogilvie Fleet also announcing its joint-working with the service supplier.

Joy Cooper, Sales Director at Auto Windscreens, said: “At the beginning of 2013 we knew that we were in a strong position to win fleet business and are now seeing the results. TCH Leasing will be well served by our strong proposition for vehicle hire, leasing and management companies, and we are proud to partner with them.

“Our aim is to manage fleet glass requirements by taking control of the process from end-to-end, giving both fleet managers and end customers peace of mind. An emphasis on minimising vehicle downtimes through speed and efficiency of the glass repair process has been paramount in fine-tuning our solution, which is tailored to each company’s needs.”

Auto Windscreens has addressed the requirements of the fleet market by streamlining glass claim processes to make them simpler and faster for all involved. It continually looks to evolve its proposition alongside technology, both in glass and management systems.

About Auto Windscreens: Auto Windscreens is owned by Trifords Limited, part of the Markerstudy Group. It is a leading automotive glazing company, serving customers throughout the UK and across all sectors from managed fleet to insurance. With a nationwide network of fitting centres and backed by a fleet of mobile service units, Auto Windscreens is an expert in windscreen repair and automotive glass replacement. The company head office and dedicated contact centre is based in Chesterfield.

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Fitch Upgrades 2 Classes of GreatAmerica Leasing Receivables Funding, L.L.C. Series 2012

Fitch Ratings has taken the following actions on GreatAmerica Leasing Receivables Funding, LLC Series 2012-1 (GALC 2012-1).

--Class A-3 affirmed at 'AAAsf'; Outlook Stable;

--Class A-4 affirmed at 'AAAsf'; Outlook Stable;

--Class B upgraded to 'AAAsf' from 'AAsf'; Outlook to Stable from Positive;

--Class C upgraded to 'AAsf' from 'Asf'; Outlook Positive.


The affirmation of the class A notes and the upgrade of the class B and C notes reflect strong performance to date with 56 bps in net losses which is tracking below Fitch's initial expectations. Furthermore, loss coverage levels have improved due to increased credit enhancement (CE) and are consistent with the ratings. The Outlook for class C remains Positive, reflecting the potential for further positive rating actions on the class.

Fitch will continue to monitor this transaction and may take additional rating actions in the event of changes in performance and credit enhancement measures.


Unanticipated increases in the frequency of defaults and loss severity could produce loss levels higher than the current projected base case loss proxy which would impact available loss coverage. Lower loss coverage could impact ratings and rating outlooks, depending on the extent of the decline in coverage. In Fitch's initial review of the transaction, the notes were found to have limited sensitivity to 1.5x and 2.5x Fitch's base case loss expectations.

To date, the transaction has exhibited strong performance with losses within Fitch's initial expectations, resulting in rising CE and loss coverage levels. As such, continued strong performance for this transaction would result in stable to positive rating actions. Conversely, a material deterioration in performance would have to occur within the asset pool to have potential negative impact on the outstanding ratings.

Initial key rating drivers and rating sensitivities are further described in the presale report published March 2012. Fitch's analysis of the Representations and Warranties (R&W) of this transaction can be found in 'GreatAmerica Leasing Receivables Funding, L.L.C Series 2012-1 - Appendix'. These R&W are compared to those of typical R&W for the asset class as detailed in the special report 'Representations, Warranties, and Enforcement Mechanisms in Global Structured Finance Transactions' dated April 17, 2012.

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Research and Markets: 2013 Report on the Global Medical Equipment Rental and Leasing Market

"2013 Report on the Global Medical Equipment Rental and Leasing Market" report to their offering.

The healthcare industry worldwide is growing, fuelled by demographic factors such as increased life-expectancy, aging population, rising incidence of chronic diseases, escalating national healthcare spending and expansion of private healthcare. Public and private healthcare organizations are under constant pressure to keep pace with the advancements in medical technology, and offer patients optimum treatment and care despite budget cutbacks.

New equipment purchase involves high upfront costs, while rapid technology developments shorten the technology life-cycle (TLC) requiring frequent and expensive upgrades. With the productive life cycle of medical equipment becoming lesser than its operational life, medical equipment rental and leasing services provide strong financial benefits. Market acceptance of these services is additionally supported by the escalating costs of new sophisticated medical equipment.

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PRESS RELEASE: Simone Development Companies Appoints Joshua Gopan Director of Leasing for Hutchinson Metro Center | NREIWire content from National Real Estate Investor

BRONX, NY – Simone Healthcare Development has appointed real estate industry veteran Joshua J. Gopan as Director of Leasing of the firm’s flagship development, the Hutchinson Metro Center, a 42-acre Class A office campus located in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx.  Joseph Simone, President of Simone Development Companies, made the announcement.
In his new position, Mr. Gopan will head-up the leasing department at Simone’s Hutchinson Metro Center, and have hands-on involvement in the broad array of owner/developer disciplines exercised in creating and growing a portfolio of Class A office, hospitality and national-name retail properties.  Additionally, Gopan is part of the Simone team dedicated to solving the ever changing real estate needs of hospitals and medical groups in the tri-state area.   
A graduate of the University of Connecticut’s School of Business, Gopan earned a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and Urban Economics in 2002. He began his career at Colliers International, a major worldwide real estate advisory company, as a leasing specialist, achieving great success as a commercial leasing broker and rising to the level of Managing Director, representing many of the region’s prominent real estate owners.
“I was attracted to Simone Development’s long record of success as an owner and developer,” said Gopan. “Simone is one of the most active developers in the tri-state region, and is on the cutting-edge of site selection, acquisition, design, and management of state-of-the-art facilities for today’s office, industrial, medical and retail users.”
The Hutchinson Metro Center campus offers a wide range of Class A office and medical space as well as retail space under development at the Metro Center Atrium mixed-use complex now under construction. The complex is a destination location for office, medical, industrial and retail tenants seeking space for lease. The first two phases of the complex (1200 Waters Place and 1250 Waters Place), which comprise nearly 750,000 square feet of Class A office and medical space, are fully leased.  Two additional phases totaling 650,000 square feet (the 370,000-square-foot Metro Center Atrium and 280,000-square-foot Tower Two, adjacent to 1250 Waters Place), are currently under development. Simone Development Companies also offers tenants state-of-the-art space in affiliated properties located throughout the Bronx and Westchester County.